Thursday, 8 June 2006

Friendster Messages

After a year my Friendster account is active again coz it really is the best way of still staying in touch with friends from Singapore.

I've gotten messages now and then from various people...well guys actually...over the time I've been a member on Friendster. Recently though, the messages all tend to be guys from the Phillipines. I'm guessing maybe they juz caught on or something. Anyway, from all the messages I've received, a pattern is noticeable:

Their online profile says practically nothing. Almost all of them send the first message saying "Can I be your friend" or "I hope to be your good friend", which I find a rather dumb thing to ask since the last time I checked 'friend' meant that you actually knew something about the other person. Now with empty profiles...sorry but you can't even be filed under 'acquaintances'.

Ok so I try to be nice to get to know these wanna-be friends and ask them about themselves (when I'm in a nice mood that is). Almost all of them would introduce themselves saying "I'm quite handsome actually" or "I'm good-looking"...without saying much else about themselves. So essentially all I learn about them is that they're ego-maniacs who'd probably spend more time in front of a mirror than I do. Then there are some who have the audacity to ask if they can be my boyfriend... Excuse me? I most certainly don't date someone I know absolutely nothing about, have never met before and who introduces himself as "I am handsome".

I am now thinking of putting a note in my profile that says:
"If you have nothing in your profile and introduce yourself as handsome, congratulations you have already pissed me off. Please stay away from me."