Friday, 31 December 2004

Communicating on the Job

Wow can't quite believe it's already the end of the year!! It's been a pretty unexciting day...tremendously boring in fact for the last day of 2004. I'm actually still supposed to be working but I'm juz soooo bored it's not funny. I wouldn't even mind a call from a client or something...but the phone has been blessedly silent for the last couple of days.

Actually I'm not too sure if I'd like a call on second thoughts. The people who tend to call are all Indian & all of them have a very strong accent....well it's like a duck & goose trying to communicate despite the common language of English being used (at least I think they're speaking English). It's even worse when I have to call them...coz then there's the added problem of pronouncing their surnames. Oh wait no no it's worse when they call because I sound like a total imbecile asking them to repeat themselves over and over and make them spell their names and stuff. I had to call this guy in India once (where else?) and was trying to get a message across. Problem was he kept telling me he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. I think I repeated myself like 3 or 4 times....without success. In the end he gave me his email address and told me to email my message across. Of course I had to ask him to spell out his email address letter by letter. Wonderful! Not to be racist or anything but it's really I sound like a total idiot. I bet if the other guy had a blog he'd probably be complaining about me too (I'm fair!).

My job is getting's a good thing I've juz got another day on the job before my boss comes back from his holiday in India &....well...pays me!!! It also means that I need to start packing... Where to start is the question really. I've got heaps n heaps of stuff I wanna cart over, especially stuff for my flat next pots n pans. I wonder if I could carry my pillow just like tt aboard the plane...

Thursday, 30 December 2004

Fun Times at the Bus-Stop

I've had a simply excellent times at the bus stop (Oooo doesn't tt juz sound sooooo exciting?). The amount of time I spent waiting for one bus compared to the amount of time I spent IN the bus was in the ratio of 4 to 1 or something like that. Of course the difference would have been much greater if I wasn't stuck in an unmoving bus half the time due to impressively slow traffic at 2 to 3 pm in the afternoon. What is the world coming to anyway? Don't people have to WORK?? They aren't suppose to be on the roads in the middle of the afternoon....

Anyway was stuck at the bus stop waiting for 61 for a good 25 mins. All this time numerous 966s & 854s came and went...and a whole lot of other numbers too. I reckon whoever did the labelling of the SMRT buses are biased towards 966s & 854s or got number-happy with every other number but 61. Then when a 61 finally came I found out I was waiting on the WRONG side of the road!!!! (Dun you just love it when that happens?)

The 61 bus came fairly quickly on the other side of the road would have been too perfect if I had to wait another 25 mins... Seriously SMRT must be raking in big bucks to afford to operate at their own time. Unfortunately for the rest of us who are dependant on public transport all we can do is pay, wait & complain....or you could walk.

1st 2 Years

Well the first post...since setting up this thing like a year or twp ago. Ok yeah I know tt's quite sad but never too late to start!! I dun think I've anything particularly intelligent to say at this point of time...probably due to de fact tt I am not in the mood after battling technology (a very long story...) for de last couple of hours n till like 3am yesterday. My (undoubtedly biased) conclusion is that technology sux n life's better off without it. Of course I'm gonna have to eat my words later but this will do for now....