Friday, 31 December 2004

Communicating on the Job

Wow can't quite believe it's already the end of the year!! It's been a pretty unexciting day...tremendously boring in fact for the last day of 2004. I'm actually still supposed to be working but I'm juz soooo bored it's not funny. I wouldn't even mind a call from a client or something...but the phone has been blessedly silent for the last couple of days.

Actually I'm not too sure if I'd like a call on second thoughts. The people who tend to call are all Indian & all of them have a very strong accent....well it's like a duck & goose trying to communicate despite the common language of English being used (at least I think they're speaking English). It's even worse when I have to call them...coz then there's the added problem of pronouncing their surnames. Oh wait no no it's worse when they call because I sound like a total imbecile asking them to repeat themselves over and over and make them spell their names and stuff. I had to call this guy in India once (where else?) and was trying to get a message across. Problem was he kept telling me he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. I think I repeated myself like 3 or 4 times....without success. In the end he gave me his email address and told me to email my message across. Of course I had to ask him to spell out his email address letter by letter. Wonderful! Not to be racist or anything but it's really I sound like a total idiot. I bet if the other guy had a blog he'd probably be complaining about me too (I'm fair!).

My job is getting's a good thing I've juz got another day on the job before my boss comes back from his holiday in India &....well...pays me!!! It also means that I need to start packing... Where to start is the question really. I've got heaps n heaps of stuff I wanna cart over, especially stuff for my flat next pots n pans. I wonder if I could carry my pillow just like tt aboard the plane...

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