Saturday, 1 January 2005

New Year's Eve Entertainment

So it's another new year... At least my New Year's Eve wasn't that boring. Had a very entertaining evening with a certain delusional "knight-in-shining-armour" who got us lost....or rather made us walk a whole long way around and hit dead ends ("coz the Siglap Connector IS this way. Trust Me. Relax.") But that's ok he says....walking is GOOD for you. All along the way he swings the umbrella...thinks it is a sword...brandishes it on and so forth.

But I muz say he has certainly given me lots to blackmail him with. I should prob make this short...and then edit it at a later time. Coz I'll be seeing him again one more time...where there's this slight chance I may get killed. So I'll write again of this when I'm miles away!! (One of the great things abt studying overseas!!!)

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