Monday, 3 January 2005

The True Story Part I

Here's the long story of what really happened New Year's Eve:

Renjun arranged to meet me at 5pm in Parkway coz he had an appointment with exterminators. I was late though...I'm quite sure tt de bus companies in Singapore have something against me coz 15 refused to show up despite the long waiting time & finally when it DID show there were (surprise surprise) 2 of them. Grrr.... Mr Teo however told me not to worry. He was at de MPH recent releases section attempting to acquire some knowledge & culture (well he didn't say tt EXACTLY....I merely helped to interpret his txt to me...but knowledge n culture were his own words!). So being a kind soul & totally sympathising with Mr Teo's desire to TRY n acquire knowledge & culture I was late. (Warning: I am not condoning the act of not being punctual. However in this case or any cases with Mr Teo involved, it's ok to be late...but not too late coz he needs supervision.)

Anyway met him at MPH & he passed me a card...where de envelope looked like he'd sealed it...changed his mind abt something, ripped it open again & then finally resealed it. lol but it was de thought tt counts so tt didn't really bother me, although Mr Teo hastily assured me tt it wasn't a recycled envelope...not tt I had even thought of tt!!

Decided to grab dinner at Delifrance b4 playing pool. Over dinner Mr Teo regale me with tales of The Exterminators. Apparently they started to fumigate outside without informing him & so de windows were still open n fumes started getting into de place. If you ask me I think they were meant to fumigate him....after all they're pest control aren't they? But that's besides the point... I then attempted to have an intelligent conversation on business & marketing with Mr Teo, unfortunately de conversation was one-sided simply coz Mr Teo's knowledge of such stuff is...well...erm...ok u get de picture.

Headed to play pool afterwards or at least tried to for awhile. Why tried to? Because Mr Teo having a very deprived childhood, decided tt he wanted to play with elevators for awhile...all under the guise of looking for the pool place. He thought de 7th floor was a good place to start & a peek around de corner reveal tt *gasp* de pool place wasn't there!!! So he led me to de elevator to try de 9th floor this time...which of course wasn't de correct floor (coz we know Mr Teo usually takes more than juz 2 tries to get things right). It was then to de 4th floor which wasn't de right one either & then Mr Teo hit on de supremely "brilliant" idea to go back to de 1st floor so he could count which floor de place was on. And so he did....nevermind tt he looked very ridiculous standing in de middle of de McDonald's area counting floors. It kinda took him awhile to count to 5 as well but I shan't elaborate overly on tt coz de story's already pretty long.

Well playing pool with Mr Teo was least my skill level wasn't too far from his so I didn't really get trashed. However Mr Teo (being who he is) somehow managed to come up with all sorts of very interesting poses while playing. His favourite I believe was a pose with one leg up on de table much like a dog about to do it's business. I've taken pictures of course...all's left is to convince Mr Teo to publish them (I'm not gonna even try!). Mr Teo also had a slight problem with arranging de balls within de triangle, although tt's ok....since I cldn't break for nuts.

By the time we left de pool place to head to Siglap's Cheesecake Cafe, it was pouring again...which wasn't surprising seeing as to how it HAD been pouring de whole day. I had an umbrella so de fact tt it was raining didn't disturb me. Guess WHO didn't bring an umbrella even when he knew it had been raining de whole day? No points for correct guesses coz if u didn't get it right, u're even more pathetic than he is. lol Well, not only did someone not bring an umbrella but tt someone also had de cheek to complain tt mine was too small!!! Sure ok if it's too small well it was meant for one....ME!!!

Ok shall end Part I here in Parkway n continue Part II later!

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