Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Single Again

Broke up with my boyfriend just now. I guess I'd already come to terms with it the last week since I'm completely calm about it. As usual my philosophy is don't look back, so henceforth it's over and I'll no longer think about it. It's always a good philosophy to point thinking of all the "what ifs" which would drive one completely nuts.

In any case I think I'll lay off relationships for awhile and stick to just-for-fun stuff. After all I've got heaps on my plate already with school and work and a relationship is a pretty risky business. Yeah places to go, people to meet and lotsa stuff to start working more towards my goal (which I know I've been doing quite a bit of procrastinating on...bugger). 8)

Tuesday, 30 January 2007


I'm not entirely sure I like change. Sometimes things seem to go really well and you're perfectly happy and content with life. Then BAM something comes along and changes everything. And then you end up floundering confused, wondering what the hell happened. Needless to say this rather unwelcome change is followed by negative emotion and the unanswerable question...Why me? On the other hand I suppose some change is self-improvement changes. Like winning the lotto? lol Yeah I'd welcome that change...

Still change is inevitable. Everything changes every single day. Appearances, relationships, environment... Can't quite control it. I guess life would be pretty boring if everything stayed the same. It would be nice if one could control change though aye? I guess if you are able to control the changes in your life you'd be happier since people tend to be more content and happy when they are in control. Which makes sense really since you make the choices that decide your life rather than being controlled by fate. Argh if only I had more control over my life at the moment!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Broken Promises Empty Words

Promises are really meaningless words until one backs them with action. It's saddening to know how easily they're broken or how much hope a person can place in them...even the slightest promises. Funny how you never realise how much you treasure a promise over the tiniest issue until you realise it was just empty words.

Making a promise (implied or otherwise) may mean little to you, but so much to the other. And breaking it without reasonable justification, even the tiniest simplest promise, would that not therefore signify that the one you've made a promise to means so little to you that you could not attempt to fulfil your promise to the best of your abilities?

I'll admit I've broken my share of little promises...without actually considering if I've hurt the other. Strange that I've never really thought about it till now, considering that I've been hurt several times by unfulfilled promises and empty words. So from now on I'm gonna try and keep all my promises...especially the little ones. It's really the small things that count the most after all. If some promises are too hard to keep or if you are unsure of your ability to keep them, do yourself and the other person a favour...don't make promises you can't or are unwilling to keep.

Of course, as with all things, special circumstances apply. Nothing is absolute after all save death (and even that is debatable, but we shall not go there...). Still, for those looking at self-reflection and character improvement, might be a good idea to consider what promises you're making in your life and whether or not you're keeping them.

Saturday, 27 January 2007


The great thing about living in NZ is that one can easily find somewhere peaceful to spend time with oneself. All you need to do is hop into the car and start driving...eventually you'll end up somewhere quiet with hills and a great view of the ocean. It helps if it's fine day too, although the view is great regardless.

So I found myself driving all the way round the harbour up to Port Chalmers. Never been there before so I was quite surprised to see that it's a kinda historical town coz apparently the first settlers in Dunedin landed there. And I discovered Dunedin has a maritime museum although I wasn't in the mood to go in, I reckon I'll probably drive up there again sometime and have a look.

Being the hilliest place in NZ, Dunedin has a couple of lookout points and Flagstaff Point in Port Chalmers overlooks the entire Otago harbour whereby straight ahead is where the harbour joins the ocean. I spent about 2 hours there in the quiet not thinking and left in a more peaceful and less upsetting state of mind. I highly recommend taking time out to not's a very useful activity for preservation of sanity lol.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Finally A Real Summer Day

Yes after days of gloomy weather we finally had sun and warm weather a few days back. Living in Dunedin, one must grasp every opportunity to soak up the sun's rays. Hence my sister, Lucy (ex-flatmate), Garth (current flatmate), and I found ourselves on the beach in the afternoon.

The sand was really nice (think white, fine, soft and warm)...the kind that makes me wanna roll around in it lol. The water as expected was freezing, but at least the sun was there to make up for it so it wasn't too cold splashing around. I really wouldn't go swimming in it though...although I guess it wouldn't have made that much difference seeing as to how we ended up having water fights and getting wet anyway.

Garth being Garth just had to try and toss us into the water. Didn't help that he's much stronger, fitter and faster (it's all that cricket training)...and could easily pick us up despite all our wriggling and struggling. It's appalling to know that some guy can easily sling you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes...a rather undignified position and none too comfortable too! His only saving grace is that while he carted us all the way to the edge of the water, he didn't actually toss us in. And probably the fact that we drove his car to get to the beach

Unfortunately this is Dunedin and as expected sunny warm days are a rarity so since then we haven't had nice days. In fact yesterday was cold, rainy and miserable... Well, so much for the fine weather predicted by the weatherman (who is never accurate) for the week.

Monday, 15 January 2007

And then there were Three...

One of our flatmates for this year moved in recently into the nicest room in the flat. Nicest coz it was recently renovated by the landlords. It's not a very big room though so I guess its "new-ness" makes up for its lack of size, seeing as to how we'reall paying the same amount for rent. He's been pretty cool so far and friendly and easy to talk to. He's a sports person and plays cricket very regularly and hopes to make the Otago team...and I muz say he definitely is a determined fellow. Presently he is still training and playing cricket with a broken foot and yet-to-be-fully-healed fractured ribs. How he manages to run with a broken foot I have no idea. Even better would be how he has managed to conceal the fact that he has a broken foot from the coaches. And he hasn't even been to the doctor...

Anyway I am glad to say that after 3 years I finally sorta get cricket. After many failed attempts by various mates to explain de game to me, our new flatmate has succeeded somewhat. It still doesn't change the fact that cricket goes way too slowly and long for my liking though lol. Nope, can't make a cricket fan outta me...even if cricket is our other national sport.

It's gonna be a pretty exciting sports year with the cricket world cup on and then the rugby world cup. Looks like the tv is gonna get plenty of use this year 8). I'm looking forward to seeing the All Blacks get the cup (which really rightfully belongs with us...after all we have the world's best rugby 8p

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Situation Update

Ok here's an update on the current situation in good old Dunedin. We actually are having a summer day today (finally!)...sun, a couple of clouds, bright blue sky...

The state of things in the flat are however not so ideal. We still have no phone line so thank goodness for cell phones. Naturally we have no internet connection either and probably won't get any till Feb or something the way things are going coz we can't find an ISP that suits us as yet. I've taken to running over to my friend's flat where he has the whole flat to himself (coz everyone else is away for summer) and internet connection, which he has kindly agreed to let me use 8)

My room in the flat is still a furniture warehouse as renovations are going on in the flat and all rooms including the lounge are filled (we presently have a double bed sitting in the lounge). So I can't move my ex-flatmate's stuff out and shall (annoyingly) have to wait till she gets back to do something about it. Therefore I'm currently sleeping in my sister's room on the mattress/couch amidst unpacked boxes and furniture.

The good thing is I can get pretty close to the heater being on the floor. Typical of Dunedin we have cold nights and it probably doesn't help that the flat is over 100 years old and there are cracks and holes whereby the cold air can sneak in. According to documentation the flat was built in the 1890s and the landlords while renovating 2 of the rooms found 4 pretty mint copies of a Christian weekly newsletter dating back to 1902, 1903 and 1904. There's some thought of giving it to the museum but presently it's sitting on the table in the corridor. My sister suspects that the piping hasn't been changed since then and therefore the water smells funny, but nobody has died from it yet so I reckon the piping must still be good.

The flat has a great view of the city and you can see the harbour too since we're on a hill. I'll try and post some photos sometime when I get round to it lol. The great thing is that there's nothing to block the view really. We could clearly see the fireworks display in the Octagon (and hear the people singing) on New Year's Eve. Guy Fawkes is gonna be long as they dun decide to implement the ban on fireworks they were talking about putting on last year after the many fires started as a result during the Guy Fawkes period. I reckon we would prob be able to see Carisbrook as well...

Me, well I'm down with the usual cold I get whenever I return to Dunedin from wherever. I'm still unemployed and looking for a job and there's still stuff to be done to settle into 2007. On the bright side I was given a cash award by the Uni for good grades for last year which would come in handy for paying rent 8)...but it doesn't come in till May 8(. Still any income is good aye? In the meantime I really have to do something about my not-so-fantastic financial situation...

A Random Post

I wasn't gonna post anything till later when I thought up something to write but I couldn't resist making a random

Try this: Go to google and type in "llama" in the search field and click "I'm feeling lucky"

And play the flash that's perfect for ending the day in randomness 8p