Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I recall looking at costumes online last year to get ideas for themes for my 21st. Eastern Toys was one of the sites I looked at among others. They've actually got pretty interesting stuff for sale, great for a 21st or Halloween...or just any theme party. Costumes make things more fun after all...even as an adult. These retailers of costumes do have realistic costumes for both adults and kids too.

For instance, Eastern Toys carry quite a wide variety of realistic Star Wars costumes, which incidentally is on sale. The masks look quite good...which is probably why they cost so much! I guess the problem with getting good costumes is the price. Most people would rather make their own or rent something. Still, aside from masks and body suits which are expensive, props that make a costume more real like a lightsaber isn't too expensive. I recall Peter buying "Captain Hook's Hook" when he was dressing as Captain Hook (duh!), which wasn't too expensive.

Anyway, to anyone looking for costumes, or ideas for costumes, try the 'net...always a good place to start even if you probably wouldn't like the price. Then again who said realistic costumes come cheap? Hmm I wonder if they can actually make profit from the sale of these things...