Tuesday, 30 January 2007


I'm not entirely sure I like change. Sometimes things seem to go really well and you're perfectly happy and content with life. Then BAM something comes along and changes everything. And then you end up floundering confused, wondering what the hell happened. Needless to say this rather unwelcome change is followed by negative emotion and the unanswerable question...Why me? On the other hand I suppose some change is good...like self-improvement changes. Like winning the lotto? lol Yeah I'd welcome that change...

Still change is inevitable. Everything changes every single day. Appearances, relationships, environment... Can't quite control it. I guess life would be pretty boring if everything stayed the same. It would be nice if one could control change though aye? I guess if you are able to control the changes in your life you'd be happier since people tend to be more content and happy when they are in control. Which makes sense really since you make the choices that decide your life rather than being controlled by fate. Argh if only I had more control over my life at the moment!

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