Saturday, 27 January 2007


The great thing about living in NZ is that one can easily find somewhere peaceful to spend time with oneself. All you need to do is hop into the car and start driving...eventually you'll end up somewhere quiet with hills and a great view of the ocean. It helps if it's fine day too, although the view is great regardless.

So I found myself driving all the way round the harbour up to Port Chalmers. Never been there before so I was quite surprised to see that it's a kinda historical town coz apparently the first settlers in Dunedin landed there. And I discovered Dunedin has a maritime museum although I wasn't in the mood to go in, I reckon I'll probably drive up there again sometime and have a look.

Being the hilliest place in NZ, Dunedin has a couple of lookout points and Flagstaff Point in Port Chalmers overlooks the entire Otago harbour whereby straight ahead is where the harbour joins the ocean. I spent about 2 hours there in the quiet not thinking and left in a more peaceful and less upsetting state of mind. I highly recommend taking time out to not's a very useful activity for preservation of sanity lol.

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