Sunday, 2 January 2005


Packing has never been one of my favourite activities. But I'm glad to say that I manged to be disciplined enuff to spend de afternoon packing. I've packed like about a third of what I need to bring over...mostly clothes. I can't believe just how much clothes I've got!!! Rolling everything up helps save space in the suitcase but still I can't quite do anything about the fact tt they DO weigh something.

Well I still need to pack utensils & stuff for my bedding stuff. Oh and shoes n bags!! It's ironic that I'm worrying about packing bedding stuff considering I dun even have a bed in my flat. Gonna be spending a couple of nitez on the floor...or on de couch which de previous tenants kindly left behind...until I buy a bed along with the rest of de furniture for my room.

Still can't quite believe I'm going back in a few days time as a 2nd year!!! Hmm it'll be a really busy year and I've got mixed feelings about beginning juz thinking of the workload! Holidays are only missed when you actually are at de end of it...coz I was really bored in the 1st couple of days back. Dunno when I'll be back this time when I leave...another 3 or 4 years maybe?

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