Tuesday, 25 January 2005


I have still yet to get internet connection in my flat, which is proving to be quite a pain coz I like working at night & now I've to go down to campus early in the mornings to use the internet for my assignments. Argh!

Well the good news is that we're finally having summer...the bright sun, wear sunglasses kinda summer plus it's warm too!! It kinda sucks that I've to be indoors in classes though when it's nice & warm outside. We did have French class out in de sun one time though coz we were telling our French lecturer/tutor that it was so nice and bright and sunny outside we wanted to go out. So we finished de lesson on de sunny steps of the Central Library.

Oh, there's this cute Russian guy in my French class...from St Petersburg...for anyone interested to know. Never spoke to him but he's nice to look at. lol There are heaps of asians in the class though, and random personality types. It's pretty interesting watching people. Like there's this guy who's a musician and he come to class wearing really weird clothes. Looks like something he made himself. One time he came wearing a red thing (I can't quite call it a shirt coz it really wasn't one but it functioned the same way a shirt does...somewhat) and then there were scraps of tattered black cloth safety pinned all over. There were many many many safety pins and I suppose I could have counted them if I'd bothered. Anyway the whole get-up looked pretty strange but I suppose that suits him. It's probably some kind of artistic expression...

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