Sunday, 12 March 2006

What's New?

The "new-ness" of starting classes again has definitely worn off and taken with it the excitement of assignments. I've been busy gathering a hefty workload in the past weeks and I now have a huge amount of work. Ugh! Yeah, things are definitely in full swing now that my projects have all begun. Already I'm behind on my readings, having only just completed my psyc honours seminar readings today.

I've yet to complete even a single one of my marketing post grad course readings and I'm 1 week behind. If only there was a way to beam the info into my brain... Speaking of that course, we met the client last Thursday and besides gathering more info on the business, our lecturers wanted us to play dress-up as clients of the client to see how the client works (our client is a photographer btw). I'd been possessed to volunteer to bring a ball gown the week before except there were supposed to be other people as well. Turns out that they didn't bring anything and so it was just me and this guy who brought our formal stuff. Right. I felt totally ridiculous and it didn't help that playing the client involved a mini photoshoot, which is bad enough if you weren't having a "good photo day" but throw in the fact that you're alone on "stage" with all the rest of your class watching get the picture. As expected, I looked awful in the photos...terrible hair sigh and everyone got to see it on the display screen. Unfortunately I've yet to come across a formula for overcoming self-consciousness and so if anyone knows of one, please share...especially before Thurs when I've to see all these people again!

Despite my piling workload, I don't think it's sunk in that I've heaps of work to do...I've no begun to panic yet. The down side of that is I'm still in holiday/party mode. Didn't go clubbing this week though but since our neighbour's brother came back, we had a drinking party on Friday instead. I wasn't gonna attend, having settled down to try and catch up on my readings, but the neighbour kept calling and asking me to go over and my flatmate kept texting so in the end I gave up and went. After all a party is more intereseting that some article regarding behavioural genetics aye? Of course the party had it's consequences and yesterday I woke up feeling decidedly ill. A result of 8 shots of vodka and a couple of cocktails. I ended up chucking when I was brushing my teeth and lost my breakfast which didn't sit too well in my stomach anyway. Any thought of the night before induced bile to rise up in my throat. Honestly I've never experienced a hangover that bad before (the other 2 I've had were just mild headaches). It probably didn't help that I had an appointment to go skating with a couple of friends and skating with a hangover is not fun. Now I've decided to cap my drinking at a hangover-free 6 shots in future! 8)

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