Thursday, 30 October 2008

Rings Blings & Sparkling Things

Earlier this year (before I moved to Auckland for work and started on the path of misery from being apart from Garth), Garth and I discussed marriage. Well we discussed my desire to have one and his not seeing the point of having one. The long and short of it was I decided I wanted something colourful for an engagement ring and maybe a blue diamond might be nice - a real gemstone

Of course, Garth wouldn't be able to afford a genuine blue diamond, so I figured I'd settle for an emerald ring or a sapphire or a ruby. They aren't necessarily very expensive..not compared to a blue diamond. Plus there are discount jewelers out there...

Recently over the last fortnight or so, in our nightly phone conversations, Garth appears to be dropping maybe he's going to propose. I'm not entirely sure if he is or if he's going off about something else. If he is though, I'm not entirely sure if I should be elated or gutted.

Well why elated is pretty is exciting to have the love of your life propose after all. I might be gutted however coz as a student he is pretty much broke, so how would he be able to afford a really really nice ring? You might be thinking "geez materialistic b***h", but hey gimme a break, we're talking about a ring I'm gonna be wearing the rest of my life! It has to be up to standards!

Oh well, at the moment it's all speculation anyway. But what with all the weddings and engagements going on lately, who knows? Hopefully when the time comes I'd be 100% elated and 0% gutted!

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