Tuesday, 1 March 2005


Things haven't been quite peachy in my flat. It's tough flatting really, getting everyone to agree and do what they're supposed to do. We do get pissed off at each other from time to time coz of differences in ideas of how things should be done.

It wasn't so bad before the guys moved in with us. Guys bring trouble...and mess. The guys have this annoying tendency to leave their dishes in the sink for a really long time and us girls find that really annoying, even if they eventually do wash up if it's still there. I can't being to describe how annoying it is when you find dirty dishes in the sink left overnight, but my sister and my other flatmate can attest to that. The result? We end up washing up after them and getting all annoyed about it.

Then there's this thing about the trash. Guess what? Trash doesn't miraculously disappear. Somebody has to take it out. Turns out, that somebody has always so far been female. It amazes us girls how the guys can juz continue piling more trash on top of a full trash bin without noticing that it's full. We had this bet the other night on how long the filled trash bin would remain full if none of us girls emptied it. I think I bet on a month and Lucy bet on a week and my sister said "Within the next 24 hrs coz I'm gonna tell one of them to do it!"

We worked out a chores schedule, which I'm hoping will make things less annoying. Unfortunately, we should have been way more detailed. Today was trash day and while 1 of the guys was suppose to take out the trash, he conveniently forgot to take out the recyclables. I mean, geez! How can you forget when it's totally cluttering up the front porch?!!! We put it on both sides outside the front door and it's really hard to miss coming outta the door. Guys must not be able to see too well coz he only brought out the trash bags, leaving my sister and I to drag out the other half of the trash at 7.30 this morning.

Besides human annoyances, we've got the rabbit being annoying too. Last weekend, we let it out for some exercise and the rabbit ran into the thick bush at the back of our garden. Then it found a hole in the fence between our garden and the neighbour's. It's not too hard to figure out what happened next. Yep, the rabbit went into the neighbour's garden and was happily hopping all over the garden. We really panicked and kept calling the rabbit to try and get it back. Rabbits definitely do not understand English and since the neighbours weren't in, we couldn't quite get the rabbit back and had to wait for it to decide to come back, which it did after an hour of yelling at it.

When we finally got the rabbit back after much difficulty, the rabbit had the cheek to lie down and go to sleep!!!! $#&**@!!#!!!! Argh!!!

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