Monday, 28 February 2005

First Day

Semester has officially begun, with cold weather to suit the end-of-holiday mood. Well, sort of. There are so many people crawling all over campus now and I've just had my first lecture of the year for my psyc paper in forensic and applied psychology. The lecturer informed us that there were way too many of us taking that paper (190 of us) for a 3rd year paper. They like to keep 3rd year classes small so they can give you more attention. Anyway, she said that she's gonna try and scare as many people into dropping the paper as possble...not a very good start for the year.

After attending that lecture, I must admit that I'm a little afraid that I've "bitten off more than I can chew" as the expression goes, what with taking 3 3rd year papers and doing 3rd year psyc before 2nd year. I calculated my expected workload and I'm gonna have to put in about 7 hrs of study per day, not including lectures and labs and tutorials. It's horrifying!

Aside from that, it also dawned on me recently that I'm gonna be taking the same 2nd year psyc paper as my sister next year coz I'm doing 2nd year psyc in my 3rd year and she'll be a 2nd year then. Argh!!! Thankfully I'm only doing 1 paper though and hopefully we won't have the same lab. I can juz imagine what lectures would be like... *shudder*

I hope the day gets better coz things aren't quite on a positive start. I'm also starting to hate the weatherman....he keeps predicting bad weather.

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