Monday, 7 February 2005

Thin Walls & Flatmates

It's amazing how thin the walls in my flat are. You can hear everthing going on in de adjoining rooms. My room is beside de bathroom and I can hear everything anyone does in there...pretty much. It's not very pleasant really coz it means that if one of my flatmates chooses to take a shower at half past 7 in de morning I get woken up by de sound of de shower...which has happened a couple of times.

I suppose it's worse for my sister though coz her room adjoins my other flatmate's room and her brother moved in with us over the weekend and is sharing her room till the end of the year. Basically my sister is kept awake by the conversation between de 2 of them in de next room should they decide to talk while she's trying to sleep.

All in all though I suppose it isn't so bad. Could be worse, like if you had a sexually active flatmate...and paper thin walls. Last year, one of my flatmates flatted out with a sexually active friend. Let's just say she heard lots of stuff through her walls that she really didn't wanna hear and heard enough to know that her flatmate wasn't getting much sleep.

Anyway, Peter arrived this morning so de flat is full now. It's gonna be interesting with so many people in de flat. He didn't cut his hair and with his beret-cap and his red hair, I told him he looked like a typical English kid...except you can't really call him a kid at 1.8++m. But he looked like an English newspaper boy...all that was missing was a bicycle. He doesn't intend to cut his hair throughout the year...I really wonder how that would turn out...I might make him cut it if it looks too horrendous, but we'll see...

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