Friday, 25 February 2005

2nd Year

I had my prelim lectures today, which consist of introductions to the lecturers and telling you what's gonna happen in the paper. I can't believe classes start on Monday. Summer vacation is over!!!! I wish it went for longer especially since I only finished summer school exams 2 days ago.

Anyway, it's nice being a 2nd year. You see all these 1st years walking around (some looking kinda lost) on campus. Haha. Ok I'm really not that mean, especially since I'm volunteering with the student support program to mentor a first year. I hope I get a nice mentee who wouldn't have too many problems!!

I got my timetable today sucks. Honestly, I hate my timetable this year. They didn't have the decency to clump classes together, but rather distributed it throughout the day...which means I don't end early. I've also currently got a 3 hour lab from 4pm to 7pm on Tuesday. It's a problem especially coz that clashes with the figure-skating classes I intend to take now that the ice-rink in Dunedin has reopened. There are several other lab times but unfortunately the only other option I can make would be 6pm to 9pm Thursdays, which stink for 2 main reasons. 1) It's so late!!! and 2) It's on Thursday. Reason 1 is not too bad, Reason 2 on the other hand really does need further consideration. Why? Coz of datelines for lab reports. The dateline don't change regardless of when your lab is on and you can't do a lab report first without doing the lab now can you? So if your lab's on Thursday, you've basically got less days to work on the report.....which sucks..

The only passably good day I have is Friday...I end classes at 1pm and I've only got 2 classes. Looking at my timetable, I forsee myself having no life whatsoever this semester...sigh. Not much I can really do though so I guess I'm gonna do all my partying this weekend. We're having a flat party tonight and gonna go clubbing tomorrow night and then it's back to classes. I'm not looking forward to it (well kind of, maybe).

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