Monday, 14 February 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Once again it's the florists and gift store proprietors' favourite time of the year. It's horrendous how much they're charging for flowers and gifts. I walked past this florist yesterday and 2 roses cost a whooping $25!!! Do you know how many meals you could buy for that amount?

My flatmate basically went crazy...she went all out to make this choc, lolly, biscuit house for her bf and was up till like 5am for a couple of days making it. She also spent alot of money on it. The result looks fantastic, but unfortunately it can't be eaten despite being made out of edibles...coz well, she used superglue. But anyway, I think she'll be pretty glad that vday has finally arrived and all considering the amount of time and money she threw into making the perfect present. In any case, we won't be seeing her around the flat till really late tonight.

This is a perfect time to spend with friends and all for those who are single, I reckon. Unfortunately for me, I'm gonna be spending time with the textbooks...or rather lecture notes since I have no textbooks for marketing, what with the exams being next week and all.

People are starting to return from the summer break and it's kinda weird seeing so many people around campus now and the computer labs pretty much filled. I really need to get that internet connection so I dun have to rely so much on the filled computer labs!!!

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