Thursday, 17 February 2005


I spent almost $300 today purchasing a new mattress for my's a nice spring mattress, but there's now a hold in my pocket which hurts. I wonder if I could have gotten somthing cheaper. Argh! Why are beds so expensive here? My furniture all in all has cost me just about $600...everything is 2nd hand aside from the mattress. I'm quite happy with all the stuff I've got although my account is being bled dry.

I've also just realised that technically I'm no longer being supported by my parents. Gosh, I feel so old... My tuition fees and textbooks are being paid for by the student loan I applied for from the NZ govt & the govt also gives me $160 per week (which thankfully I don't have to return!!) for living expenses. It's enough to pay for rent, food, electricity with a bit to save. I can see why there's no way you can't survive in NZ coz as long as you get about $160 per week of income, you'd be sweet. Obviously though, you're gonna have to do without extravagant luxuries, but it's possible.

I was thinking of getting a job though, but I've yet to find one that suits me...I need a solely weekend job although I wonder if I would be too busy when semester starts to juggle study and a job. Wonder if I could get a part-time job in'll be good to earn in euros considering that living costs are really high there. I just might have to borrow $$ from my much for independence.

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