Friday, 4 February 2005


Weather seems to be pretty crazy lately. It was really foggy all over the whole of yesterday, not juz up in the hills where I am, but also in town which is at de very bottom. You can juz see the fog swirling about and it's kinda depressing.

Anyway, got my furniture yesterday thanks to my sister's homestay, or should I say, ex-homestay parent. She really a darling, borrowed the yewt from her workplace to drive down and help move all our furniture...well what we bought anyway. Then came the arduous process of carting all the furniture pieces up the stairs to my room and then re-assembling them. Had some trouble with the screws on the bed coz some screws got mixed up with those my sister had, resulting in missing screws for mine. The bed was relatively easy to assemble though. It was my desk that gave quite a bit of problem...mainly coz de pieces were heavy and there are some weird cams that don't tighten very well. I also didn't have a big enough screwdriver but thankfully de screws mostly needed an Alan Key so it wasn't too bad.

My room now ooks a whole lot better, aside from de fact that I have to get a new mattress for de bed coz the one that came with it was far too thin. But the room's a whole lot neater with furniture in. Now I'll juz have to go about procuring a dresser, some drawers and a bookshelf for myself and then ask my sister's homestay parent for help...again. Oh well, it's fortunate we know some nice people who can drive stuff that can carry furniture.

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