Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Trash Day

It's a deceptively warm day today (i.e. it looks warm but it's cold) & it's also trash day. You can tell some of what the occupants of a flat are like juz by looking at their trash...or rather what they dump in their recycling bins. Like you know who are the party people...highly likely students, coz they'd have heaps and heaps of beer bottles in their recycling bin. You also know which is their favourite brew... As each flat is only given 1 recycling bin, those with more than 1 stole bins from the neighbours. Actually ours got stolen by someone & we took someone else's & labelled it ours with a permanent marker.

I had to get up pretty early this morning to take out the trash before collection time and it's not because we forgot to put it out last night. We found out the hard way that if you put your trash out the night before, some miscreant come during the night and rips a hole at the bottom of your trash bag to look for food, then your trash doesn't get collected. The city council is pretty fussy about how your trash is presented for collection. They don't collect it unless it's properly tied up in one of the council trash bags you purchase for about $1 per bag at the supermarkets. Beside this, the bag can't have a hole, if it does they don't collect it. If it's not tied, they won't collect it.

The previous 2 weeks we ended up having to use another bag to put the trash in because of the hole...which meant we ran outta trash bags fast. So I guess our choices are to wake up early or to pay (in trash bags) for extra sleep!! Now, if I had a gun and caught that animal who has been making those holes....

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