Thursday, 3 February 2005


Juz got my marketing assignment yesterday. Whoopee...another 10 page report, another 1 week dateline. Isn't it juz fantastic? This one's harder (why am I not surprised)'s some research thing where we need to come up with de research ourselves from de case. Gave us like 3 pages of stuff...bah!

On top of that, my furniture is ready to be moved in today. Guess when I got notice? TODAY. Great! Brilliant! What in de world do they expect me to do on such a short notice? I need to go rent a trailer, get someone to drive, people to help carry de furniture etc. Sounds like I've got it all worked out aye? Yeah right. These things need time and I can't quite go out and settle all this when I've got classes till 6pm. Argh!! Stupid stupid people.....

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