Thursday, 24 February 2005

Course Disapproval

I really didn't know what in the world I was getting into when I decided last year that I'll do a combined honours degree in psyc and marketing. It really hasn't been easy to get the required approval for doing that degree and well, I'm what they call a "problem child".

I have mentioned earlier of all the red tape and stuff I needed to cut through. You'd think after all that trouble and getting a signed approval paper (though not official) things would go smooth. Yeah. Right.

I did my course approval process Tues....started off thinking things wouldn't go too bad until I went to the psyc department to try and get my papers approved... The very first thing they said when I told them I'm doing a combined honours in marketing and psyc was, "No you can't do that!" You would think that after hearing the same lines so many times since last year, I'd be immune to it. Or so I thought. Anyway then came a 1/2 hr of checking with those higher up if it was possible and after much debate, they signed me in...with a whole lot of surprise that I could actually do a combined honours cross faculty. Of course I could have told them that, but they didn't really believe me when I said I'd already seen the people higher up and gained approval.

Ok so maybe a small hiccup and things would go smoothly. Haha, wrong again. When I went to submit the form to complete course approval, the computer refused to register me and the girl doing it had to call for help. The first thing said when the administrative officer saw my combined honours degree form was...not too hard to guess...."No you can't do that!" Honestly, I was ready to cry. I mean how many rejections can a person handle? Well, it all got sorted out eventually when she made phonecalls and checked with people higher up and stuff. But the computer still wouldn't accept it so they had to do it manually later on.

Sigh...the only good thing is that I'm probably gonna be the only person graduating with a combined honours in marketing and psyc coz from all looks, nobody has done it before. At least that's what they keep telling me....

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