Monday, 21 February 2005


I've got an exam today! ARGH!!! Ok actually it's french so it isn't too bad...I think. Marketing is on Wed & that's one nasty paper. So dead so dead so dead.

One piece of good news in the week...I've finally got all my furniture installed in my room!! Got my new mattress too!! Say goodbye to backaches from a way-too-thin-you-can-feel-the-bed-slats mattress. Got my dresser which has a humongous mirror...a gigantic step up from de tiny make-up mirror I was using b4! It's a really pretty dresser....if only it wasn't bright orange. When I say bright orange I really mean bright bright orange. I'll take photos of my room after exams & post them here...I'm rather happy with my room.

ARGH!! Exams!! Ok I'd better go study....

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