Tuesday, 8 February 2005


We had a really heavy downpour which went on for quite some time yesterday. Actually it should probably be called a storm. The glass roof of the commerce building where I had my marketing lecture leaks like crazy...so when it rained yesterday you basically needed an umbrella just to cross inside the building!! The leaks were so bad, at one part a mini-waterfall had been established coz the water was coming through as if someone was standing on de roof pouring buckets of water down. It was that bad. We also literally had rapids (no kidding) down the wide flight of stairs between the third (on ground level) and second floor. Honestly I've never seen anything like that before...within a building too!! They had to shut off that entrance coz there was way too much water at the steps and gushing from the "waterfall" near the entrance. I doubt any sane person would actually want to use that exit anyway coz there's no way you could have stayed dry.

This morning a lot of shops have closed for the day (possibly the week)coz it flooded pretty bad in town yesterday. Quite a few of them are also offering jobs for helping to shift stuff and dry out de carpet etc. Lectures and tutes held in the commerce building have been moved to other parts of de uni for de week coz the building got flooded...surprise surprise. The ironic thing is that the commerce building is one of the most modern buidings (and ugliest) on campus. Doesn't say much about modern architecture aye? Especially when the 136 year old buildings are still solid and don't leak. The commerce building is famous for leakages and broken limbs (from people falling down de stairs which gets very slippery when wet...a leaking roof doesn't help keep it dry in de building)....it's a pretty dangerous place. Too bad though that rain doesn't cancel anything....I dun suppose you could get rained in...unlike snow... 8p

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