Saturday, 25 February 2006

Beginning of the End

Yeah it's back to reality for me. The year is gonna be crazier than I thought, especially after I did course approval and was somehow talked into doing a 4th year post grad marketing paper as opposed to one of my 3rd year ones. Honestly, I'm somewhat scared that this time I've really bitten off more than I can chew. I mean doing 51 points when the max is 48 is already crazy enough, but throw in a post grad paper...everyone else thinks I'm nuts. Well, I suppose if I do end up in a psychiatric ward, at least it's close by! Lol

I've got one weekend before hell breaks loose and during this time, I shall be praying fervantly for a freak blizzard to snow all the lecturers in or an earthquake or a fire that somehow burned the uni such that lectures have to be cancelled. I suppose it's pretty obvious that I desperately don't want lectures to start... In the meantime, while waiting for one of these miraculous events to occur (I'm banking on the blizzard coz it snowed yesterday up till 1200m), there is much to do. Moving in completely being one and partying being another.

Our living room looks like a typhoon hit it and resembles a storage closet. The sink is currently full of dishes since we've yet to run the dishwasher, having only bought dishwashing powder yesterday. Perhaps the only thing that's settled is my room. I've completely moved in, set all my furniture up and filled all the drawers and shelves...somewhat. In moving into my room, I learnt that my dad has absolutely no sense of interior design. He told me he set up my furniture and arranged it for me. To my horror, he put all my furniture to one side of the room...and it looked terrible. I ended up having to expend considerable effort to move every single piece of furniture (with the help of a friend of course!)

One weekend... I'm dreading Monday, but at least today we went out clubbing. It's good to be back in Dunedin...entering clubs are FREE!! My flatmate and I managed to drag my sister along with us, but she sat in a corner and stoned the entire time, leading several people to ask her if she was ok...including a bouncer. I think the next time we go out, we'll leave my sister at home...she's much happier that way. Still, it was a good night out...good music in intervals...met a couple of guys and one was pretty cute. I wound up giving him my number, much to my sister's horror...and yes I was completely sober. Lol Well hey I'm 20, single and it's fun to meet new people...not to mention flattering. :p Anyway, soon I'll be too busy to have a life so I should probably have as much fun as I can now. Monday is the beginning of the end of my life...and I'll be too busy to attend my own funeral. *Sigh*

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