Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Ireland: Home to the Leprechauns

Despite having been in many cities in Europe, there's something about Dublin that make it somehow different from the rest although it looks the same. Plus the fact that it was really warm there at 2 degrees compared to Scandinavia didn't escape my notice.

What I can say about Ireland is that it's a green place. It just makes you feel like green if you get what I mean. Cheerful irish music from gift stores, so many people on the streets, sunlight, and unlike Scandinavia, the gardens were still lush and green and some had flowers too, like an early spring...well duh I guess, it is almost spring. Then there are the statues and monuments everywhere commemorating great poets, writers etc. Not unexpected though, since Dublin is known for it's literary prowess.

At night, even at midnight, it's crowded and noisy and everywhere you turn there's a pub serving beer and grub till the wee hours of the morn. Almost all pubs have live music on every night and some with dancing and the likes. It's a pity though that I was by myself coz it meant I didn't get a chance to go into one of those pubs for a pint (of guinness what else?) and music since I didn't think that it would be too practical for a single female to do so...except maybe if I was bigger... Nonetheless I did have a good irish dinner at one of the restaurants in Temple Bar with a glass of guinness laced with blackcurrent. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but guinness with blackcurrent is really nice! The waiter was also kinda cute with typically irish green eyes. Lol

I think Dublin is definitely one of the places I will have to visit again coz I didn't have enough time to see everything, but when I do go again I'll definitely not go alone! It's a place for 2 or more... The only annoying thing about my time in Dublin was that someone messed with my towel which I was pretty sure I left on the bed but when I returned it was in the bathroom and really damp as though someone had just used it. Ugh! Maybe it was the leprechauns....

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