Friday, 12 May 2006

New Look

Having got tired of the boring design style of my blog, I have decided to give the blog a new look. As of the moment, changes are slowly being made coz I'm customising it myself (rather than merely plonking down one of the templates) and I've never written in CSS before so it's taking some figuring out. I guess the most annoying is trying to figure out the exact size of de boxes to make the background images fit. Well that and trying put images on a textured background. I got the header background right yesterday after 7 sizing tries. Then when it came to putting my blog title (which is an image) on the header today, matching the background by positioning was awfully tedious...ended up doing adjustments px by px in different directions. It doesn't look seamless but close enough I guess.

Well hopefully I'll have better luck now that I've somewhat got the gist of CSS. Nonetheless this sure beats working on my assignments!!! Lol Yeah, yeah I know, I'm procrastinating...but it's for good'll soothe my aesthetic spirit. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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