Thursday, 5 October 2006

Psyc BBQ

To commemorate the end of a year's worth of PSYC 300 level honours seminars, one of the professors threw a BBQ at his place. His place is quite well-known in the department...mostly coz a murder was committed in one of the bedrooms. And the murderer wasn't just anyone...he happened to be the department head of psychiatric medicine who murdered his wife by poisoning her and being really stupid about it. For example, he actually lectured his students on how to murder someone by administering drugs that give the symptoms of natural diseases. In any case the place was massive, and my professor runs it as a B&B...he puts the guests in the bedroom where the murder happened but naturally doesn't tell the guests that. The bathroom is fantastic's totally carpeted with a jaccuzi.

It was certainly a night of learning...all the gossip in the psyc department and stories of past events. According to the head of the psyc department (as one professor told us) said that the staff of the psyc department are so much more fun when they're bad.

For instance the lecturers used to form a band and had annual concerts. It's kinda hard to picture some of them in a band, but apparently they did actually make large profits from concerts. Unfortunately the band broke up after a disastrous concert where few people turned up...which was expected given that for some reason the organisers decided to hold it around the end of the year on the same night a big rugby game was on. Well nothing gets between a kiwi and his rugby.

Our other professor told us of the costume party the psyc department used to hold and who liked to wear what. Apparently she used to dress as a pregnant nun and another lecturer used to go in mini-skirts, fishnet stockings and thigh high boots (think skanky). We spent quite some time trying to convince them they should revive these's much more fun than trying to pay attention to a lecture on attention!

Speaking of paying attention, the professors confess that the lecturer who organises department seminars falls asleep in every one of them. He said the guy sits beside him everytime and falls asleep on his shoulder and Really unfair I reckon, since they make us go and we don't get to fall asleep since we're required to summit a report on it. 8(

Anyway I'm gonna be looking at the psyc department thru new eyes from now on...

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