Wednesday, 6 December 2006

21 Years

And so I am now adult. Do I feel any different? No. I've always thought when I was a kid that when one grows up, one distinctly feels more mature and more adult-like. But I find I'm the same old me... Still I guess maturity comes with experience rather than age. It's surprising how many people in their 20s seem a lot more immature 8p. I wonder if I'd feel the same way about people in their 30s when I hit that decade...

Ok this is just about all the reflection on being another year older I can do!!! Moving on... This is pretty much the last year I'll be in Singapore as a citizen given that the citizenship would have expired by December next year, during which I'd still be in Dunedin preparing for graduation 8). Despite the friends and family I have in Singapore, NZ still feels more like home...even with its random, cold weather. When will I visit Singapore next? Who knows? But travelling is definitely in my future...and Singapore makes a great stopover (think rent-free accomodation...people to entertain... lol)! N'est-ce pas?

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