Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Holiday Takeaways

I don't like knowing upon looking back that I've frittered away my vacation time...doing nothing and accomplishing nothing. It really makes one feel rather useless. Glad to say, in the time I've been in Singapore, I've managed to "acquire" some stuff at least 8)

1. A share trading account so I can now manage my own share portfolio

2. Knowledge on property investing courtesy of my dad, having followed him around to several investment presentations

3. A first aid certificate!! After 3 long days of torture in the form of absolute boredom and me trying to keep awake during the lectures...I am now able to bandage someone up nicely (if I'm not too busy wincing over the wound)

4. And perhaps most surprising of all...a boyfriend. Yeah the days of the happy swinging single are over and I've gotten over my "wild" phase lol. Yours truly has joined the ranks of the happily in love 8). It's pretty crazy when I think about it, considering the short time we've actually known each other. It started off as a casual thing meant to end (amicably) when I left...something I would have labelled a fling and filed away as a good memory. But it became something more...sorta to be expected in a way I guess, seeing as to how my "fling" guys never last beyond 2 dates and I was seeing him way more often than that 8p. It's probably not the best of times to start a relationship given how I'm not too sure when I'll next be in Singapore... Still, we're gonna attempt the whole long distance relationship thing and see what happens 8).

Life is sweet...

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