Thursday, 12 July 2007

Back again for the last semester after a long 3 week break away from everything. Yep, spent all the time up in Golden Bay with Garth on his parents' farm in the middle of nowhere...away from cellphones and the internet (well pretty much...dial up doesn't really count does it? 8p). The highlights of the holiday include:

1. Riding on the 4 wheel farm motorcycle (as a passenger mostly)...attempting to drive it through the opening of the gate, and nearly crashing into a tree. It's not as bad as it sounds really, I just didn't have the strength to steer at that time (think big bulky noisy machine)...

2. Staying up in the electricity and no hot water coz it's at the top of the hill (which my sister and I named Garth Hill), but cellphone reception is good there. I learnt why you can go blind trying to sew by candlelight...needless to say, I left my cross-stitching behind thereafter.

Candlelight dinner up at the bach (candlelight not optional)

3. Roly and Sheena coming up to visit. Garth tried to take us up Cobb Valley, only we got stuck in the snow and ice partway up the hill and didn't have snow chains on. Thankfully we managed to dig and push the car outta the ice so we could turn around and go back down! Good thing Ian (Garth's dad) had a grubber in the trunk of the car, or else we'd have been stuck near the top of a hill till 6pm in the freezing cold...not fun. We did have a fantastic snack of cheese and crackers in the valley by the Takaka River.

By the Takaka's cold!

Garth had heaps of fun tormenting Roly...and Roly saw lots of the floor in Golden Bay courtesy of can be seen:

4. Getting to see sheep scanning...and getting bumped around by muddy heavy sheep.

The sheep were being scanned using ultra-sound to see how many lambs they were carrying. Lotsa twins and 2 or 3 triplets! I got to see the screen and learnt to tell how many lambs the ewe was carrying, also got to push the sheep up the ramp to be scanned (they're heavy).

Scanning the sheep

Marking those with twins

The sheep are chasing me!!

5. Missing the awful cold weather in Dunedin. Basically it rained, frosted, iced, snowed, sleeted almost everyday. They even had to close the road between Dunedin and Queenstown coz of snow and ice. It's been the coldest winter so far. Brrr... Here's what I missed which I saw went we came back:

Just driving into Dunedin

While up in Golden Bay...

I miss the warmth...

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