Monday, 30 July 2007

Up to Wellington

Given this is my last semester at uni, finding a job for the next year is one of the foremost things-to-do. I applied to the NZ Racing Board sometime in July, got through the CV elimination round to the interview round. Excitingly enough, I got through the interview round and this week, the NZRB is flying me up to Wellington for more interviews and an assessment centre.

On one hand this is really good news to have made it this far. On the other hand, I'm freaking out. I don't know anyone else who have made it into the selection...would have been so much easier to know someone so you could kinda work through the thing together. It's pretty freaky coz you have to socialise with all the exec members. The CEO himself is gonna be present and while making small talk, there is the pressure of ensuring you make yourself memorable. I hate small talk...

While I've yet to decide whether I actually feel entirely happy about being flown up for more interviews, it means I'll be missing a horse riding lesson on Friday 8( Now that's devastating coz I began last week and it only goes for 3 weeks and it's real fun. My horse's name is PJ and she's really nice. It's gonna be a bummer missing out on the lesson, especially when this time we'd be really getting into it. Still, getting a job's more important aye? I really hope I survive this final elimination round. On the other hand, well I'll get a free trip up to Wellington with good lodging! 8)

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