Monday, 27 August 2007

South Island Skating Champs

I've just returned from spending a weekend in Christchurch where the South Island Skating Champs are on. Our synch team competed in the Adult Synchronised Skating category against Christchurch yesterday (yes we finally have someone to compete against!)...and WE WON!!!!! It was a close win really, and totally unexpected. We actually thought we'd be second instead coz some of our members couldn't make it up to Christchurch, and the Christchurch team had more complicated and "cooler" transitions. Apparently we won based on our artistic interpretation, coz our costumes and moves suited the music.

I'm really stoked about it. Haha after all it's my first skating medal. Yep we all got pretty gold medals 8). After the event the team just had to go out and celebrate. We went to the Speights Ale House, and they serve really yummy wedges, with cheese and bacon on top. Tremendously fatty food, but hey even our coach had a whole plateful. It's actually been a not-so-healthy trip. We kept stopping along the way at cafes and little outlets to eat. Along the state highway between Dunners and Christchurch, there's this cafe run by a berry farm. They have amazing raspberry sauce. I had their raspberry and cream cheese brownie, which was divine...especially with the raspberry sauce! The sauce was full of whole raspberries. Pity they dun sell the sauce though, and they're famous for their raspberry cheesecake, but I didn't try that. Oh well, there's always next time.

Next time isn't all that far off anyway. Coz we're competing in the South Island Masters Games as well, and that's in Christchurch too. Gonna have to make our program more complicated though, to make sure we keep ahead of Christchurch! It would certainly be nice to bring another medal home!!!

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