Sunday, 20 January 2008

2007 in a Nutshell

Ok it's been a long long long long time since I last posted anything here. So I thought it might be a good idea to sum up 2007.

2007 has been a rather eventful year, being the year...

...I broke up with my summer fling over MSN

...I move into a flat with awesome views

...I met Garth (and ended up renting a room I never stayed in)

...I learnt to shoot a rifle with real bullets too!

...I joined the sync skating team and we won South Islands and South Island Masters

...I worked as a tutor and had 1 or 2 students who apparently had a crush on me

...I got flown up to Wellington for a job interview

...Roly and Sheena came down to visit and we spent a night at the bach

...I saw pregnant sheep being scanned

...I auditioned and was short-listed to film a skating commercial (but didn't get in)

...I finished my degree

...I did my Grade 3 hip hop exam

...I did my first skating tests

...I performed in a hip hop dance show

...Garth gave me a white gold and diamond ring

...I performed in the Dunedin Ice Show

...Garth went through heaps of trouble (and gorse) to cut me a 2.8m Christmas tree

...I attended the Takaka Christmas Parade

...I spent Christmas in Takaka and got loads of presents and a Christmas stocking

...I got to play with newly hatched chicks on the farm

...I went musseling in Takaka

Yeah it's been a great crazy year, with heaps of new experiences, new beginnings, and new people. Hopefully 2008 will turn out to be just as great, as I move forward into the next chapter of my life: Life as a Non-Student.

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