Saturday, 5 August 2006

The Lies They Tell You

If anyone tells you...

1. Workload at 400/postgrad level is heavier than 300 level
2. A professor helps you become less confused

They are lying.

1. Postgrad students seem to have more free time and a lighter workload than undergrads...and they do admit so too. This postgrad German student I know is free all the time and has 5 day weekends. Hello? Does that even qualify as studying full-time? Also, I did a 400 level paper last semester and didn't need to work as hard as I have this semester!

2. Went to see my psyc lecturer for my honours seminar paper regarding clarifying feedback on my essay. Instead I came out more confused than ever. It probably didn't help much that he told me his job was to make students confused. Well, if that was his job, he earned himself a nice fat bonus...

Just brightens up a poor stressed out undergrad's day aye?

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