Wednesday, 16 August 2006


Parental logic is something I don't get. What's wrong with walking to and fro every Wednesday night to dance class which is just down the hill from the house? Especially when one's been doing that for the past 6 months? According to parental logic, now that I own a car it is not safe to walk down, that's what the car is for. Excuse me? We're talking just down the hill here...a 6 min brisk walk down and 10 min walk back up. It's not even in another suburb! Apparently, buying a car has rendered me incapable of walking and turned walking on a Wednesday at 8pm in a residential area unsafe ("because your sister said it's dark and scary"). Is it me or has logic been completely warped here? If you consider the astronomical fuel prices nowadays and the fact that I no longer climb hills (which used to be my best source of exercise), really walking is more economical and healthier.

Try telling my mum that... Naturally I gave up trying to explain that
a) it's just downhill not even as far as town or campus
b) it's not a Friday or Saturday night where people get drunk and violent
c) it's a residential area with no bars around for people to get drunk in and very few uni students
d) it's only 8pm
e) my sister starts claiming it's dark and scary the moment the sun sets which varies according to season
f) I've been walking for the last 6 months with no problems
g) it's a waste of fuel to drive down when I can easily walk
h) I get exercise

How do you argue logically with someone who has a totally different kind of logic altogether? Answer: You can't. The most logical thing is to give up. That's not to say I'm gonna start driving just means well ignorance is bliss! 8p

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