Thursday, 14 September 2006

Broken Tail Light

Some idiot hit my parked car and broke my tail light the other day and then just drove off without leaving a note or something to offer to pay for damages. Luckily for me, some other nice random person saw it happen while sitting in the library and actually wrote down the license number.

The problem here is that even with the license number, a driver can be pretty hard to track have to pay to get the name and address of the owner from the post shop. There isn't even a phone number you can call or an email address...funny how used to technology one can get. The amount of trouble one has to go through to get compensation makes me one very irate owner-of-a-car-with-a-broken-tail-light. I now have to write a note to this jerk...threatening a police complaint if he/she refuses to pay *evil laugh*.

Hopefully the jerk will call me soon. Moral of the story: If you hit someone have the courtesy to leave a contact number!

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