Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Full House

Everyone in the flat has moved in now...well not exactly everyone since Oliver's girlfriend moved into his room as a substitute for him. He's "The Mystery Guy". None of us have met him and all we know about him is that he does rock-climbing. His girlfriend seems pretty cool though so I guess he should be a nice person too aye? He's upstairs in the room right beside my sister's.

Opposite my sister's room is Chrissy's. We only met her once prior to moving into the flat and we thought she was a quiet non-party person. Well...turns out she's quite the social party girl. The first day of her moving in saw her with a crate of beer and several mates over (1 of which was rather annoying since he kept slamming doors and left the toilet seat up). Still don't know her very well coz we hardly see her and usually when she's in she's had mates over.

And next to her in the prettiest room is good old Garth who has now taken to tormenting me everyday by poking me or otherwise squishing me by throwing himself on top of me on the bed (he doesn't look it, but he's heavy!!!)...except for when he's upset or when he's out at cricket practice. My sister and I are probably closest to Garth given how the 3 of us shared the flat initially before everyone else moved in. The 3 of us preferred having the flat to ourselves lol, but oh well...

On floor 1.5 (coz it's on the landing between the top and bottom floor) there's Jorinde who owns the flat with her boyfriend. She's from the Netherlands and is a pretty outdoorsy kinda person. She does tramping and mountain biking. It's great having your landlord (or surrogate one) living in the same flat coz it means if you have issues regarding bits of the flat you don't have to wait for ages to get it I got new curtains coz the ones originally in the room were awful and kinda too short.

Downstairs opposite me is Josh. He's really really tall which was great when it came to hanging up my new curtains coz the flat's one of those ancient ones with really really high ceilings. He's a funny guy and into biking. The other day he cycled to Mosgiel to pick up a pair of mountain biking shoes kinda late at night, thinking that Mosgiel was only an hour's bike ride away...took him 3 hours instead coz it's really far away. I told him in future if he feels like travelling out of Dunedin he could borrow my car. Since then we've all been teasing him each time he goes out, asking him if he's biking to Mosgiel or maybe Oamaru lol. He's a funny guy though and great as a neighbour coz I wouldn't have to fear making too much noise coz he's partially deaf.

It should be an interesting year with the bunch of us...and I'll probably post a new opinion on the people in the flat in April...for some reason April seems to be the time when problems and quarrels among flatmates start emerging. I suppose 2-3 months is the tolerance limit of most students. So we'll see what happens when April comes round.

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