Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Last Week of Vacation

Yep this is it. The last week of my summer vacation...and it's probably gonna be the last summer vacation for me for a long long time, unless I decide to do my Masters next year. At least I can be grateful that we've had wonderful weather the last couple of days. 8)

I actually spent the whole afternoon sunbathing in a mate's backyard the other day and wound up mildly sunburnt on my back. Probably didn't help that I wasn't wearing very much while sunbathing...who does? Fortunately while it was a little sore, I didn't peel and now I'm nicely tanned to face the upcoming cold weather which will eventually fade my tan since your skin rarely sees sun during winter.

To make the most of my last week of vacation, I've been visiting people pretty much everyday. This year I'll also be going for the hypnotism show that's always on during orientation week. Definitely gonna hit the clubs!!! Plus I'm attending the Highlanders game on Saturday. Well the Highlanders are the Otago team and I'm really a Crusaders fan and my mate whom I'm going with is also a Crusaders fan... Still, since they're playing the Stormers who are South African we figure it's ok lol... Garth will be at the game too, but he was always a Highlanders fan so for once we're on the same side. Should be interesting to be in our flat when the Highlanders play the Crusaders, what with my sister being a very strong Crusader fan. 8)

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