Friday, 23 February 2007


Every year, one of the O-week events is the hypnotism show. Given this is my last year, I figured I ought to check it out since mates who have been to see it in previous years have said it was good.

And so it was. It was awesome and hilarious really. The thing about hypnotism is that you can't go under unless you allow yourself to. Guy, the hypnotist got 21 volunteers from the crowd and 18 of them did go under. Then the fun He made the guys think they were ballerinas in a performance whenever he played a certain piece of music and it was really hilarious to see them prancing across the stage. He made one guy think he was James Bond and the guy was sneaking and creeping around.

It being a college event, you can't really avoid dodginess. At one point he told the hypnotised people that on a count of 3 they would put their right hand on their favourite body part and then they'd wake up but their hand would be stuck on their favourite body part. No prizes for guessing where all the guys' hands went. And the chicks? There was the assortment of lips, boobs or between their legs. The funny thing was their expressions when they found they couldn't move their hands lol.

Then he put them back to sleep and made the guys think they had x-ray vision where they could see through every chick's clothes (both in the audience and on stage) when they awoke. One poor confused guy when asked how he was feeling said, "I wasn't aware this was a nudist function!" Another thought he was on a nude beach. Then he told the guys that although they had x-ray vision it meant also that their male parts have started shrivelling. All the guys were grabbing between their legs and one guy actually shoved his hand down his pants to check! He also "gave" the chicks x-ray vision, except that he made them see that all the guys had tiny penises...except for him, when they "saw" through his clothes they would be impressed by his size. Some of the chicks actually covered their eyes and upon seeing him, one of the chicks asked if he would like to move into her flat with her. Another chick actually called out to one of her mates in the audience and was laughing at him.

Probably one of the funniest parts of the show was when he told them that when they shook his hand they would feel exquisite, almost orgasmic pleasure. It was funny watching them squirm while shaking his hand and trying to disguise the fact that they were feeling kinda "funny" when they were asked how they felt while he was shaking their hand all the while. Some of the guys turned all the way so their back was to the audience... The chick who previously asked if he wanted to move into her flat asked him to do so again (she was really hitting on him...and he's a balding old guy...). Another chick told him he had great hands, even better than her boyfriend...and her boyfriend was back in Christchurch (luckily). She kinda didn't wanna let go of his hand.

As a finale, he gave them instructions on how they would respond to 3 different kinds of music. When "Love Me Tender" was played, they would fall deeply in love with the first person they saw and would stroke their cheek and say "I love you". When this millitary march played, they would think they were famous conductors of a marching band and lead the march. When "YMCA" played, they would think they were The Village People and perform the song. So he put on the millitary march and YMCA and let them loose in the audience where they dispersed and marched/hopped/danced all over the place and then played "Love Me Tender" and it was hilarious to see them grabbing random people and professing their love for these strangers. The funniest moment? When during one of the times he played "Love Me Tender" and the first person 2 of the hypnotised guys saw was each other. They spotted each other right behind where I was sitting and within a few seconds they somehow jumped into each other's arms and rolled on the floor and actually started kissing enthusiastically. There were definitely startled screams and gasps from the chicks in the audience around where the 2 guys were making out. A rather disturbing sight I guess, considering that minutes ago these same guys were each professing their undying devotion to a random chick in the audience...and they were definitely heterosexual guys.

Well it was a really entertaining performance really and totally hilarious. I'd definitely recommend catching this to whoever is attending an NZ uni (he performs during orientation at quite a couple of universities around the country). 8)

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