Saturday, 3 February 2007

Super 14 Not-so-Good Start

Super 14 began today with the first game: Blues vs Crusaders. Sadly, for the first game it was a bad start for the Super 14 season...because the Crusaders lost!!!! I'll bet that aside from the Aucklanders, everyone else would have been gutted that the Crusaders lost, simply because the Blues are the Auckland team and well, you always support whichever team is playing Auckland (unless you're from Auckland yourself).

I blame it on the fact that this year is World Cup year and since the Crusaders are the best team, naturally many of the players are also in the All Blacks. So the poor Crusaders lost 9 of their players to the All Blacks for this year's Super 14, a couple who are likely the best players in the whole International Rugby Union (think Daniel Carter...the guy is a real all-rounder). I think the Crusaders might have to give up the Super 14 cup this year (in favour of patriotism lol).

On the up-side, the All Blacks are ranked world's best rugby team (duh) based on game stats. The French are ranked 2nd and our Aussie neighbours, the Wallabies 3rd followed by the Springboks from South Africa and the English Lions (or was it the other way round?). The funny thing is that the last time we won the World Cup was in 1987... So this year being 20 years later we have to win it again...and we will too! 8)

Totally Random Note: Did you know that New Zealand has a larger population of possums than we have sheep?

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