Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! It's funny how we set aside a day especially to show our partners our affection...and for the other 364 days (365 if it's a leap year) nah can't be stuffed doing anything extra special lol. Well for those without partners, it's a good time to meet other singles or to spend time with good friends (who are either single or have partners who juz don't care...awww). It's a pity it's a Wednesday, otherwise I reckon the bars and clubs would be crowded with people...and most wouldn't be going home alone either lol. Come to think of it, the bars might juz be really crowded anyway. Still not much point in going I guess. After all, how likely is one to meet someone you'd actually wanna enter into a serious relationship with in a bar?

So I'm gonna be spending my Valentine's with usual. The other day Garth and I were discussing Valentine's and it occurred to us that we've not actually spent Valentine's with anyone...well I have once when I was in a 2.5 year relationship. It's mostly bad timing really, you tend to either break up before Valentine's or get together after. Speaking of Garth, he's pretty sweet really...he got a bunch of roses for us chicks in the flat (well he did that last night and banned us from the kitchen where he put them...and my sister thought that perhaps he might have been hiding a spider or bug to scare her lol). Most guys wouldn't have bothered...

Anyway new aim for my next relationship: Make it to Valentine's Day...and he'll have to be pretty darn romantic too lol so I know I'll have a great one ;p

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