Thursday, 1 February 2007

Random Guys Random Texts

It's amusing how the male mind works...especially when it comes to picking up chicks. Last night I got a text from an unknown number asking how's it going. As one usually does when seeing an unknown number I texted back to ask who it was, and got a text back saying "Ben". Right that speaks volumes seeing as to how Ben isn't exactly a rare name and I do happen to know a couple of Ben's as I told the chap.

I guess the guy finally got an inkling that perhaps he might have got the wrong number or something coz he asked who I was. Turned out he thought he was texting a "Shannon". So I texted back to say he had the wrong number, upon which he texted an apology. Now one would have expected the texting back and forth to come to a halt since both of us now knew he was texting the wrong person. However, right after the apology another text followed to explain that Shannon was a chick he met in a club last night and he must have written down the wrong number. Okkkay I wasn't expecting him to explain himself to me, but fine if he felt the need to assure that I didn't think he was a nut.

End of text volley? Nope. Guess he figured since Shannon was a lost cause now and here was some other chick he wound up texting, might as well take the opportunity...coz he followed with "Well Antonia sounds way better than Shannon anyway. So where are you from if I may ask?" An obvious pick-up line lol (one that even someone as dense as I got...). I've never actually been hit on through a text-by-mistake situation so I guess this was somewhat amusing. Hence I found myself entertaining the guy lol...well with encouragement from my sister (who kept saying it was so so I still can't figure that one out) and Garth (who went so far as to grab my cell and try and text this random guy back in my place). After all I didn't exactly have anything to do at the time.

So turns out Ben is one of those beach dudes, totally into scuba diving, and is an Aucklander (figures...a third of the population lives in Auckland after all). Pretty interesting conversing with him although some of his text lingo took me awhile to figure out. Anyway some 20 texts later I ended the volley, being rather sleepy so he said he'll text again another time. I think if I'm gonna be having text conversations I'll probably switch plans to the 2000 texts for $10 a month thing. Good thing Ben's on Vodafone too since it only applies to Vodafone numbers 8)

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